Beautiful clocks from an Irish coppersmith

Gilded Hound Copper Clocks

I recently discovered the hand-made copper clocks from Gilded Hound, run by Irish coppersmith, Siobhán Sacker, from her studio in Dublin.

Siobhán grew up in Ireland’s Wicklow mountains but spent years of her teenage life in India, where she was introduced to the art of coppersmithing.


Wisdom Beyond Years clock – €120


Nothing Compares – Flamingo clock – €95

Siobhán makes all of her clocks from locally-sourced 1.2mm solid copper and fits each one with solid brass hands, which means that they really are substantial, high-quality pieces of art.


A Penny For Your Thoughts clock – replica of the old Irish penny coins – €150

In The Lick Of Time clock – inspired by vintage waffle cone ice-creams – €95

It says on Siobhán’s website that she has filled her house : “with lasting, loved pieces from antique stores to salvage yards” and that she wants every piece in her home “to have history and mean something special”.

I’m not going to lie, this kind of makes me want to creep around her home admiring all of her furniture and home accessories.


It Was Meant To Bee clock – €95

Reach For The Stars clock – the Taurus star constellation – €150

On The Shoulders Of Giants clock – inspired by Isaac Newton’s famous quote “if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants” – €150

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Images copyright of Gilded Hound.

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