Serving boards for epic wine and cheese nights

Seriously, there’s no excuse to serve cheese and crackers on anything less than a handmade serving board crafted from sustainable hardwood. So, up your serving game and get one of these babies from Caulfield Country Boards.Use them for serving cheese, breads, cakes, cold meats, the still beating heart of your ex…you name it.

Cheese please

How much cheese are you planning on eating? Because their cheese paddles come in three sizes: small (€22), medium (€26), and large (€33) and three types of wood: ash, beech and walnut. You can buy a set of all three for €79.

Pass the Wensleydale please.

Elongated server

This oversized elongated server is 69cm long and 17cm wide so it will fit A LOT of cheese. It’s €55.

Oval server

I love serving food on rounded serving platters because they create a really social dining experience. This large oval server is €70.

Break out the bread

Complement your cheese platter with a bread board. This simply designed, traditional style round breadboard for €45 has a carved hole for easy hanging. Use one side for cutting and the other side for serving.


While I do love cheese, I’m also fond of cake

This copper and hardwood cake stand for €100 is crafted from sustainable hardwood beech and walnut, and held together by industrial copper piping.

Afternoon tea, anyone?

Gonna go eat cheese after I publish this article

At 40cm in diameter this large board is ideal for wedding cakes or LOTS of cheese. I’m so hungry now.

So go, get one of these luxury serving boards and eat lots of cheese. Happiness is that simple.

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