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I made a coffee table from a bunch of crates
The latest addition to the mobile home!
Our mobile home’s name is…
My new sofa has arrived!
Hepburn blue for my kitchen
Installing a multi-fuel stove in a mobile home
Works are underway for our walk-in wardrobe
Paint for my new home!
Look at my new floors!
Farewell, mobile home furniture!

I made a coffee table from a bunch of crates

DIY coffee table

I’m crazy about my new coffee table. It’s quirky and alternative, like its owner I guess. We made it out of four crates and a tabletop, all from IKEA. The crates were €10 each and the tabletop was €7, bringing the grand total of our coffee table to €47!

It’s got plenty of space for books and board games.

my coffee table

coffee table interiors blog

We left one crate unattached so that we can pull it out from under the table and use it as a side table for easy-to-reach beers or cups of tea when friends come over.

Here’s the story of how it came together…

Spotted in IKEA

We were zipping around IKEA (we’ve mastered all the shortcuts) and spotted this exact table on display upstairs in the display hall. We thought it was a brilliant idea so we went downstairs to market hall and found the crates for a tenner.

Crate in Ikea Dublin

In usual IKEA fashion, they’re called some crazy name that makes it impossible to understand your receipt (believe it or not, there’s actually a logic to IKEA’s product names). These crates are called Knagglig.

Knagglig crate

Flatpack time

They come in flatpack, of course.

Ikea crate

Peter put them together (thank you Peter!).

Putting together an Ikea Knagglig crate

crate from ikea


We didn’t buy the tabletop initially because I wanted to see what the crates looked like in the space first. (If I didn’t like them I was going to use them for storage in the shed). So for the first few weeks the four crates sat there shamelessly topless.

crate coffee table without top

To top it off

I loved what the crates brought to the room. They’re very hipster and alternative, and the wood adds a natural texture to the space. So we went back for the top and the look was complete. It really goes with my brown sofa.


Peter got me this fruit bowl as a gift a few years ago. It was handmade in Thailand from mango tree wood. I added another texture to the look with a bamboo placemat. (Pick it up in IKEA for €2!).

DIY coffee table

ikea crate coffee table

While we were at it, we made shelves for under the TV! Read More

The latest addition to the mobile home!

There have been lots of additions to The Millennial Falcon (find out how the mobile home got its name) in the last few weeks and I’ve been inundated with requests to reveal them. So here’s the first major change, I finally have curtains!

The ‘before’

You might remember when I first bought the mobile, the very first thing I did was take down its existing ugly curtains. I actually bumped into an old college friend recently and he said to me ‘Did I see a video of you on the internet taking down curtains in a mobile home?’. LOL, yes, you did. Here’s that video…

The colour

I wanted a neutral, oatmeal colour so that I could have the option of adding colour through accessories. I searched high and low and found these pre-made curtains on sale in Homebase.

curtains from homebase


Mobile home windows are unconventional sizes, so I had to have my new curtains altered by a local curtain maker. I bought extra curtains so that she could use them to make matching tie-backs.

The curtains came with thermal lining but we had the curtain maker add extra thermal lining so that the place would be extra cosy, and, man, what a difference it makes!

The windows

I got these curtains made for every window in the house, except for the dressing room (because I want a different colour), the kitchen (because I’m getting a cool, geometric Roman blind) and the bathrooms (because frosted glass doesn’t need to be covered).

The pelmets

I’m not a fan of curtain pelmets – I think they’re old fashioned – but, there was no way to get rid of them completely without doing major damage to the walls. So, after much brainstorming, I decided to take off the fronts of the old ones, replace them with a simple, minimal length of wood, and paint them with Dulux Ivory White satinwood to match the wall. This made me much happier!

The accessories

It turns out that pelmets have their uses – like, they can be used to display home accessories!

The nerd shrine

Home accessories don’t all have to be on-trend metallic candle holders and decorative vases. I wanted an honest stamp of our personalities and passions so I dedicated the pelmet over the longest window to three of our favourite literary and cinematic classics – can you recognise each of the three?

Yes, that’s right, I used a Star Wars light saber, a Harry Potter elder wand and Lord of the Rings lego as home accessories!

And I backlit them. Like a boss.

(Yes, true nerds, I hear you, the fellowship is missing two members, I know. I need to find them on eBay)

I do love my curtains

So there you go, the latest addition to the Millennial Falcon. More additions to be featured in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Jenna X

Our mobile home’s name is…

The Millennial Falcon!

We’ve officially named our mobile home! Being a massive Star Wars fan, when I moved in first, I jokingly said to Peter (I was only kind of joking though, let’s be honest) that we should name it ‘The Millennium Falcon’.

What is the Millennium Falcon?

To all you poor souls who have either never seen Star Wars or just don’t get it, The Millennium Falcon is the name of an old spaceship whose shabby, beat up exterior would suggest that it couldn’t amount to much, but when you take a look under the hood you realise that it has been highly modified. All of these modifications make it capable of superior feats of speed, shielding and firepower. This badass spaceship ends up playing a major role in some of the greatest battles against evil in the Universe.

The ‘Millennial’ Falcon

Peter told me that we couldn’t insult the Millennium Falcon by calling a mobile home after it, but that we should instead call it ‘The Millennial Falcon’. As we’re all too aware, the property crisis is forcing millennials (the generation who were born between the early eighties and mid naughties, whose formative years took place in an expanding digital world) to seek out alternative types of accommodation, hence why we decided to radically change our dwelling! So, ‘The Millennial Falcon’ is the perfect name.

Dark Side Light Side

From day one, I’ve wanted a simple, understated nod to the Star Wars universe in my home, in the form of a home accessory or subtle interior design element. Peter found just the thing online in this adhesive ‘Dark Side Light Side’ light switch transfer.

light side transfer for light switch

Star Wars light switch decoration

So my home has been christened and my inner nerd is satisfied. I give you, The Millennial Falcon.

Naming my home

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Hepburn blue for my kitchen


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Paint for my new home!


I’m really excited to reveal the paint colours that I’ve chosen for the mobile!

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Look at my new floors!

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Floorboard shopping

After shopping around, these were our favourite laminate boards so we said we’d pick one from these three.


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