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Tips for choosing the right roof window

Roof Window

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If you’re building your own home, or perhaps just renovating and want to install a skylight, also known as a roof window, you may feel overwhelmed with the different options to consider. Here are some simple tips to help you choose… Read More

4 quick tips to prepare your home for guests

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With Christmas fast approaching, it’s the time of year when you might find your house is always full of guests. You might see friends you haven’t seen in months, invite family over, or even get a knock on the door from a few unannounced visitors. Here are four quick tips to up your hosting game and get your place guest ready. Read More

Wood-effect wallpapers

The Scandi style, which carried over into 2017 from 2016, is still going strong. As a result, you’ll find Nordic elements in lots of the 2017 home accessories collections. Read More