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I made a coffee table from a bunch of crates
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DIY tree branch feature for my kitchen
Decorating my Christmas table
DIY coral garland
The Christmas forest floor – DIY decorations from nature

I made a coffee table from a bunch of crates

DIY coffee table

I’m crazy about my new coffee table. It’s quirky and alternative, like its owner I guess. We made it out of four crates and a tabletop, all from IKEA. The crates were €10 each and the tabletop was €7, bringing the grand total of our coffee table to €47!

It’s got plenty of space for books and board games.

my coffee table

coffee table interiors blog

We left one crate unattached so that we can pull it out from under the table and use it as a side table for easy-to-reach beers or cups of tea when friends come over.

Here’s the story of how it came together…

Spotted in IKEA

We were zipping around IKEA (we’ve mastered all the shortcuts) and spotted this exact table on display upstairs in the display hall. We thought it was a brilliant idea so we went downstairs to market hall and found the crates for a tenner.

Crate in Ikea Dublin

In usual IKEA fashion, they’re called some crazy name that makes it impossible to understand your receipt (believe it or not, there’s actually a logic to IKEA’s product names). These crates are called Knagglig.

Knagglig crate

Flatpack time

They come in flatpack, of course.

Ikea crate

Peter put them together (thank you Peter!).

Putting together an Ikea Knagglig crate

crate from ikea


We didn’t buy the tabletop initially because I wanted to see what the crates looked like in the space first. (If I didn’t like them I was going to use them for storage in the shed). So for the first few weeks the four crates sat there shamelessly topless.

crate coffee table without top

To top it off

I loved what the crates brought to the room. They’re very hipster and alternative, and the wood adds a natural texture to the space. So we went back for the top and the look was complete. It really goes with my brown sofa.


Peter got me this fruit bowl as a gift a few years ago. It was handmade in Thailand from mango tree wood. I added another texture to the look with a bamboo placemat. (Pick it up in IKEA for €2!).

DIY coffee table

ikea crate coffee table

While we were at it, we made shelves for under the TV! Read More

DIY tree branch feature for my kitchen

It’s hard to make a rented house look exactly the way you want it. For the past few months I’ve been on a DIY binge trying to add character and personality to the place that I currently call home. My latest DIY project is this vase of illuminated branches.


Here’s how I pieced it together: Read More

The Christmas forest floor – DIY decorations from nature

DIY Christmas decorations

2015 will be my first year hosting Christmas so naturally I’m obsessively scanning Christmas collections for the nicest tablewares and decorations. I’ve decided to theme my Christmas table (yes, a theme for a table – this is my life) and my theme is ‘Christmas forest floor’. What better way to conjure up such a theme than to physically bring the forest floor to the table. So here’s what I’ve done so far… Read More