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Take a look inside this apartment in Moscow
The 200 Year Old Stone House in Wexford
A Woodland Hideaway in County Cork

Take a look inside this apartment in Moscow

You gotta take a look at this apartment in Moscow.

In its original form, this apartment would have been a typical example of ‘stalinka’, a style of architecture from 1933 to 1955 associated with the Soviet Union and the leadership of Joseph Stalin.

The interior designer

It has now been redeveloped and designed by interior designer Nadya Zotova.

Nadya studied at the British Higher School of Design and interned at Sotheby’s School in New York before founding Enjoy Home, an architectural and interior design studio based in Moscow.

Small apartment, big personality

Nadya made clever use of every square meter in this 80m2 apartment, even managing to make a place for a large dining table to fit seamlessly into the living room.

Statement lighting

The use of statement lighting above the dining table differentiates the living room into two distinct zones, one for dining and one for relaxing.

Nadya used the Ella suspension lamp by DelightFULL.

A strong colour palette

I have great admiration for people who commit to strong colour palettes. It shows that they’re not afraid to embrace colour and express themselves wholeheartedly. Read More

The 200 Year Old Stone House in Wexford

Stone house in Wexford

A Facebook chat message pops up on my phone from Peter with a link to a ‘property for sale’ advert in it. Buying a house starts with a link to a property advert, so I’m aware that clicking on this could result in mortgage applications, engineers reports, solicitors and very serious dotted lines.

I click on the link and see this…

stone-house-wexford (6)Stone house in Wexford Read More

A Woodland Hideaway in County Cork


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take a peek inside this beautiful, rustic family home in Cork. Nested in a forest, surrounded by trees on all sides, this house is privately tucked away from the world. Read More