I can’t get enough of Gilded Hound


Gilded Hound is the home of stunning handmade Irish copper and brass homewares, all crafted by Irish coppersmith Siobhán Sacker.


I featured Gilded Hound’s beautiful clocks before, but I didn’t show you their copper and brass mirrors.
hammered copper clock by gilded hound
When I met Siobhán at the Showcase trade show earlier this year, she had these brass mirrors on display at her stand and I knew I had to feature them on the blog.


gilded hound brass clocks at showcase


They start at €360. You can swoon over them below and buy them in the Gilded Hound online shop.


Why Gilded Hound?

I asked Siobhán why she decided to call her company ‘Gilded Hound’.

I love fairytales and get inspiration from them. A gilded hound is from a Brother’s Grim fairytale“.

I also love hounds. The day that I decided to start my own business was the day that me and my fiancée decided to adopt two rescue dogs called Meadow and Laurel, who are my brand ambassadors ever since.

Which one would you choose – brass or copper?

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