I honestly never thought I’d be this excited about an extension lead

usb extension lead

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the best darn extension lead I’ve had the pleasure of owning. And let me tell you why.

In a nutshell…

  • It charges my phone! Yes yes yes! Seriously, I had no idea how handy it is having an extension lead with a USB port until I owned this!
  • It charges four devices at a time.
  • It has smooth curved edges and a brushed aluminium finish. The person who designed this clearly knows that most extension leads and wires are ugly, so they decided to consciously made a product that actually looks nice.
  • It’s surge protected – so lightening can’t fry any devices that are attached to it.
  • It’s built with fireproof materials.
  • The ports are ‘intelligent’ so they automatically regulate power to the correct level for your device, which saves energy and protects your phone’s battery life.

Me, my mobile home, and my new extension lead

This little electrical ingenuity, called a ‘Surge Smart came into my life just before my big move to the mobile home. I was up to my eyes in pre-move prep when Box, the company that make these unexpectedly terrific little things, sent it to me for review.[contextly_sidebar id=”xqDDSKlXfEFHNtXyhVgkGcSA05nJqzCk”] I’ll be honest – receiving a surprise extension lead in the post is not as exciting as receiving a surprise cushion or a tea towel or other home accessories. BUT, at that stage, I didn’t fully appreciate what was inside.

box products extension lead

With one hundred things on my to do list, I abandoned the package on my office desk and there it patiently sat. Fast forward a few weeks later, the electricity is hooked up to the mobile and the internet wizard is here to install the Wifi. Router in one hand and a length of cable in the other, he asks:

‘Where would you like to plug the router in?’

It’s at this exact moment that I realise mobile homes DO NOT come with a lot of sockets. In fact, they are downright stingy with their socket allocation. There is only one logical place to plug the giver of internet life in and it’s in the same socket that we are intending to use for the TV.

‘We can get an extension lead‘ says Peter.

‘Oh, I actually have a new, unopened one in my office!‘ I say.

box products extension

So the next day I’m opening the package I’d received from Box a few weeks earlier and for the first time I really get a chance to look at this thing.

Wires and extension leads are usually the necessary evil that detract from the finished look of a room. They are an interior design addict’s headache, but this extension lead has smooth, curved edges, and a brushed aluminium finish. The designers of this product have clearly put a lot of thought into this.

box products design

I turn it round to see that it has four USB ports! WHAT? I can plug my phone cable directly into the extension lead? And I can charge more than one device at the same time?! This is genius. So now, I’m actually very excited to have received this.

extension lead for usb

I call Peter.

‘Peter look! I didn’t realise that this has USB ports!’

‘Jenna it says 4 Port USB on the packaging’.

Usually I take in every detail, but on this day I had moving house brain.

box products

An electrical ‘surge’ happens when there is a short spike in voltage, usually caused by a lightening strike or a power grid malfunction. So if you care about your equipment, you should plug it into surge protected sockets or extension leads. The surge protection on the Surge Smart is so good that Box will guarantee connected equipment to the value of €25,000.

Thank you Box, for sending this surprise to me. I honestly use it every day to charge my phone!

Box also sent me their awesome Car Smart, a multi-USB charging cable for charging your devices in your car, with a lead long enough to reach into the rear seats (highly recommended for families!). And they kindly sent out their portable tablet charger (also charges phones), which was a life saver in the early days of construction when we had no electricity in the mobile.



I need more sockets in my kitchen, so I’m thinking the Surge Smart in black to go with my matte black appliances.



A thumbs up for Box!


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