How to choose bed linen for a small bedroom

duvet cover for small space

My bedroom is REALLY small, so I’m always looking for ways to work with the space. A full feature on my bedroom is coming soon, but in the meantime, here’s a few tips on how to choose bed linen for small spaces…

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Match your duvet cover with your curtains

When you’re buying duvet covers, choose a set that has matching curtains. By matching your curtains with your bed linen, the fabrics in your bedroom work as a single entity rather than breaking up the space. This can make the smallest room look much bigger and it’s visually pleasing.

bed linen for small spaces

Go for contrast

If you don’t want matching sets, go for strong contrasts. Use two strong colours with one soft one – for example, scarlet and bottle green against a white backdrop make a contrasting, yet complementary, look, that makes any room look more polished.

Go for muted, passive shades in duvets

A very easy way to make a cramped bedroom look bigger is to choose bedding sets in simple, passive colours. Opt for muted shades means that recede from the eye, making the space seem bigger and more open. One single shade makes the bed seem wider and more spacious, while a busy pattern creates the impression of clutter. Yorkshire Linen has a lovely range of duvet covers in a host of shades and patterns.

duvet cover for small bedroom

Don’t be afraid of two-tone

Duvets that feature large blocks of two colours can be very effective at disguising the true dimensions of a room. Breaking up large shapes can trick the eye into thinking the bedroom is more spacious than it actually is. It’s really hard to pull this look off, but when done well, it really creates the illusion of space.

You don’t have to say no to bold patterns

Bold patterns are hard to pull of in a small space but not impossible. If you crave colour and bold shapes, choose bright, but angular geometric patterns on your bedding fabrics. Symmetry is key here – a vibrant symmetrical pattern is best when emphasised and continued with mirrors to open the room out even more. This can create a wonderful illusion of spaciousness.

Embrace the small

If, like me, you have a bedroom that is so ridiculously small that no matter what you do it will always look small then EMBRACE IT! I put in the king size mattress, and I piled on the oversize pillows and layers of cushions, blankets and throws.

bed linen for a small bedroom

You can try to follow the tips above, but at the end of the day, if you see a duvet cover that you love, and you want it, then buy it. It’s your bedroom so choose the bed linen that makes you happy!

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