I’m going to talk about balustrades for a minute

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The world is full of beautiful staircases so if you’re thinking about changing your stairs or if you’re building a house and you’re yet to choose your stairs, make sure you speak to a professional about staircase design. When you talk to the experts, one thing they’ll mention is balustrades. 

What is a balustrade?

It might seem obvious to many but a lot of people don’t actually know what this word means. A balustrade is a railing supported by a series of single columns called balusters.

Balustrades run alongside stairs to provide you with something to hold onto and prevent you from falling. You’ll also find balustrades on the edge of balconies, decks and garden terraces.


They’ll enhance your building’s aesthetic

Balustrades can add to the value of your home because they boost the building’s aesthetics.

Balustrades come in a huge variety of styles, from the minimal to the elaborate. They come in a range of different materials, shapes and textured finishes, from glass to stone to wrought iron.

You need them for safety

Balustrades are not just there to look good – they protect you from viral-video-worthy falls and injuries. Obviously, anytime you climb stairs or step out onto a balcony you are at an elevated level so the balustrade keeps you safe. 

They’re good for structural strength

Stairs need to be strong to support the weight of people running up and down them multiple times every day. Balustrades can actually increase the structural strength of the stairs. If you notice squeaky or loose balustrades fix or replace them straight away.

They’ll help you tick boxes with the building regulations

Some commercial or private rented private premises are legally required to have railings on stairs and balconies. Installing balustrades can help you to avoid an accident claim.

Choosing balustrades

When choosing balustrades, think about the following:

1. Aesthetic – how will they fit in with the existing architecture and decor?
2. Material – glass balustrades are beautiful but hard to keep clean whereas white balustrades will need to be painted at least once every 1-2 years.
3. Privacy – choose small spacing between the balustrades if you want them to enclose an area where you want privacy, e.g. on a private terrace. Choose large spacing if you want them to let a lot of light through.

One last thing before I stop talking about balustrades. FYI, you’re best leaving the installation of balustrades to the professionals. Again, we’re trying to avoid the viral-video-worthy falls and injuries here, so leave the installation to the experts.

Good luck with your balustrade hunt. If you’re not hunting for balustrades, well then you just randomly read an article about balustrades.

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