The colours of Avoca

Blankets from Avoca Handweavers

I’ve heard mixed opinions about the Avoca brand so I thought I’d go and investigate it myself. I wandered in to their Suffolk street store and took a look around.

I had to really root around to find something decent and a lot of the items command a price I don’t think they deserve, but I did like this biscuit tin…

Bird biscuit tin from Avoca

Bird biscuit tin – €21.95

…and the aged look of this wooden frame.

Aged-effect wooden picture frame from Avoca

Aged-effect wooden picture frame – €25.95

However I wasn’t too fond of this psychedelic chair…

Colourful chair from Avoca

or these old fashioned kitchen wares…

Flowery oven mitts from Avoca Flowery tea towels from Avoca

But Avoca is worth a look inside if you can navigate their non-conformist opening hours (why don’t you do late night opening on Thursdays like everyone else Avoca?). If you do a bit of digging, you might find something really unique like this tableware set.

Teapot with buttons from Avoca

Buttons teapot – €34.95

Buttons egg cups from Avoca

Buttons cups from Avoca

Bowls with buttons from Avoca

Buttons bowls – €9.95

Buttons jug from Avoca

Buttons jug – €19.95

Buttons plates from Avoca

Buttons plates – €14.95

Buttons butter dish from Avoca

Buttons butter dish – €14.95

So, I wouldn’t suggest you purposefully head to city centre just to visit the Avoca store, but if you’re passing it’s worthwhile taking a peek inside.

By Jenna Crotty

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