6 lighting options for small bedrooms

lighting for small bedrooms

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When it comes to interior design, lighting can make or break a look. Here are 8 types of lighting that work well in small bedrooms…

1. String lights

String lights are perfect for small spaces because you can drape them across curtain pelmets, mirrors and canvases. And, you can easily move them around. They are also the ultimate lighting accessory if you want to create a cosy space.

2. Clip lights

Clip lights are handy because you can move them around and adjust them. Direct the light toward you if you want to read or bend the light away from you if you just want to relax.

3. Dramatic pendant lights

Don’t be afraid to hang statement lighting in a small space. Be brave and make the room all about the light fixture by hanging a dramatic pendant light. Lights.ie has a superb selection of hanging lights, including some very contemporary models.

4. Flush ceiling lights

Flush lights are great for a more minimalist look because they don’t dominate a space – they simply blend in and don’t draw the eye upwards.

5. Wall lights

Wall lights are ideal for small bedrooms because they don’t take up any precious floor space.

6. Tiny table lamps

If you have a small bedroom, make the space look bigger by scaling everything down – use a low bed frame, a low bedside locker, and a tiny lamp (Hint: sometimes you can get small lamps and lockers in kids’ collections.)


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