Take a look inside my new home!


In a yard full of mobile homes for sale, there was one that really caught our attention. Decoratively speaking, everything was awful. But interiors can be changed. We were looking for a good layout and a solid structure. This one ticked all the boxes.

Looking back, this is the only mobile home I viewed that I actually sat down in. It was a subconscious thing. I imagined myself redecorating the space and living in it happily. I took out my phone and shot this quick video.

Everything you see in this video will be stripped, painted, reupholstered or replaced, so this is the ‘before’.

The living area

In the living area, you can see what my sister Kerry appropriately described as ‘the ugliest couch I’ve ever seen‘.

Those net curtains though…

The dining area

The dining furniture is about the only furniture that will be kept because it’s a great use of space. I’ll reupholster the cushions – does anyone have any recommendations for who to go to for reupholstery, or how to maybe how to DIY it?


The kitchen

We want to get a new worktop and paint all those cabinets. What colour should we go with?

Just look at that sexy linoleum floor.


The spare bedroom

The spare bedroom will transformed into a walk-in wardrobe. I’m thinking floor to ceiling mirror tiles on one wall. Shelving on the other.


The master bedroom

I think I’ll strip out all of this master bedroom furniture. One of those gas lift storage beds would be a great place to store cushions.


Goodbye ugly curtains

On the day that the mobile was delivered, the first thing I wanted to do was tear down those ugly curtains but I had to go straight back to work. So later that night, I drove back to the mobile at dusk and, with the light of battery-operated lanterns, I ripped those eyesores out. 

When I rang in 2016, I never thought in a million years that this would be the year fiancé and I would get to move into our first home. It may only be temporary, but it’s OURS. I cannot describe how happy this makes me!

Now to start the renovations.


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