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10 things I LOVED at the HomeSense store preview last night
Rose gold summer bliss from Penneys
I can’t get enough of Gilded Hound
Take a look inside this apartment in Moscow
Summer garden accessories from Homesense
4 Things To Sort Out Before Your Self-Build in Ireland
Ireland’s getting a new interiors store and here’s what’s inside!
The candle collection inspired by Irish fields
Wood-effect wallpapers
Look what’s in at Penneys!

10 things I LOVED at the HomeSense store preview last night

Last night I went to the preview of Ireland’s newest interiors store,  HomeSense.

That photo sums up how I felt for the whole event – a mixture surprise (at the huge volume of stock they have) and excitement (at how amazing all the items are).

That photo is also an admission that I spent some time going around the shop taking ridiculous selfies.


Anyway, here’s what I got excited about…

1. The beautiful displays…

The first thing that struck me was all the beautiful displays.

2. The cushion aisles, yes AISLES

Using my built-in cushion radar, I quickly found myself in the cushion aisles, yes AISLES. They don’t just have a shelf of cushions, they have AISLES and AISLES of cushions. *wipes tears*

Outdoor bench cushions

Interiors blogger in HomeSense

Pink cushion with flamingos

Yellow cushion with grey zebras

3. This map cushion

I’m a total map nerd. My degree is in geography, and in my professional life as a content writer one of my clients is Ordnance Survey Ireland. So maps + homewares = excitement overload.

Map bench cushion from Home Sense Ireland

They also had globes. If  my little alternative dwelling didn’t have such limited space, I’d totally have a globe. But which colour?

4. All the metallics

I have a thing for metallics, and HomeSense has A LOT of metallics.

5. These tea towels

I’ve actually wanted these for ages. I saw them in TK Maxx (which is actually the sister company of HomeSense) before and was really impressed by the quality. HomeSense, like TK Maxx, sells branded goods at up to 60% off. €6.99 for two KitchenAid tea towels is a bargain. I bought two packets!

6. All the flamingos

I love flamingos so much that I once looked into the feasibility of having them as pets. I learned that they need to live in large flocks and have particular and awkward care requirements. So I won’t be filling my garden with real flamingos.

HomeSense have so many flamingo themed products that I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of them all!

7. The €50 gift voucher – thanks, HomeSense

When I walked into the store, I was greeted with an envelope. When I opened it, there was a €50 voucher inside – thank you so much, HomeSense!

I spent it on the KitchenAid tea towels, a sewing book (they have a really good book section), a toy for my dog (I love their pet section), lemon tea (a shout out to the staff member who helped me find it amongst the vast array of teas – thanks for your help, I never got your name) and non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider. I still have money left on the gift card for my next visit.

8. The friendly staff

The staff couldn’t do enough, they were so helpful. A special mention to Erin who served me at the till – she was super friendly.

HomeSense store Blanchardstown Dublin

9. The sheer size of the place

HomeSense Blanchardstown is spread out over two stories. Here are all the sections…

And this is just the upper floor…

Interiors blogger Jenna Crotty at HomeSense Ireland

10. All the things

I pretty much got excited about everything at HomeSense, because I’m an interiors nut, and a TK Maxx homeware fan, and this place is basically a giant version of the TK Maxx homeware section.


If you feel like you’ve been scrolling for a while now, just wait until you get to the store. I was there for two hours.

HomeSense is open TODAY!

Last night was the preview and today is the opening so now you can go get excited too. Enjoy!

I told you I took lots of selfies.

Rose gold summer bliss from Penneys

I love all the rose gold elements in Penney’s new ‘Lazy Summer’ collection!

lazy summer by penneys

The collection features a mix of stonewash indigo, soft shades of desert pink and lots and lots of rose gold!

lazy summer collection

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection…

Ornate bowl €3

Rose gold metal basket €4

Rose gold cafetiere €6

Hammered rose gold candle €6

Heart cushion €4

Bell jar €4

Salt and pepper shaker set €4

Glass tumblers €6

Battery operated lamp €10

Battery operated lamp €8


Lantern €10

Rug €7

Rose gold basket €4

Dream catcher €5


Vintage jug €4

Placemats (pack of 4) €5

Coasters (pack of 4) €2.50

Elephant mug €5

Cookbook stand €6

Rose gold candle €5

Dreamer canvas €2.50

Damask ombre cushion €8

Blue embroidered jacquard cushion €10

Oversized aztec cushion €12

Vase pot €4

Rose gold candle €3

Elephant ornament €6

Aztec tealight holder €4

Crushed velvet cushion €8

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

Images copyright of Primark

I can’t get enough of Gilded Hound


Gilded Hound is the home of stunning handmade Irish copper and brass homewares, all crafted by Irish coppersmith Siobhán Sacker.


I featured Gilded Hound’s beautiful clocks before, but I didn’t show you their copper and brass mirrors.
hammered copper clock by gilded hound
When I met Siobhán at the Showcase trade show earlier this year, she had these brass mirrors on display at her stand and I knew I had to feature them on the blog.


gilded hound brass clocks at showcase


They start at €360. You can swoon over them below and buy them in the Gilded Hound online shop.


Why Gilded Hound?

I asked Siobhán why she decided to call her company ‘Gilded Hound’.

I love fairytales and get inspiration from them. A gilded hound is from a Brother’s Grim fairytale“.

I also love hounds. The day that I decided to start my own business was the day that me and my fiancée decided to adopt two rescue dogs called Meadow and Laurel, who are my brand ambassadors ever since.

Which one would you choose – brass or copper?

Take a look inside this apartment in Moscow

You gotta take a look at this apartment in Moscow.

In its original form, this apartment would have been a typical example of ‘stalinka’, a style of architecture from 1933 to 1955 associated with the Soviet Union and the leadership of Joseph Stalin.

The interior designer

It has now been redeveloped and designed by interior designer Nadya Zotova.

Nadya studied at the British Higher School of Design and interned at Sotheby’s School in New York before founding Enjoy Home, an architectural and interior design studio based in Moscow.

Small apartment, big personality

Nadya made clever use of every square meter in this 80m2 apartment, even managing to make a place for a large dining table to fit seamlessly into the living room.

Statement lighting

The use of statement lighting above the dining table differentiates the living room into two distinct zones, one for dining and one for relaxing.

Nadya used the Ella suspension lamp by DelightFULL.

A strong colour palette

I have great admiration for people who commit to strong colour palettes. It shows that they’re not afraid to embrace colour and express themselves wholeheartedly. Read More

Summer garden accessories from Homesense

Last week I shared the news that  Ireland is getting a new interiors store called Homesense  where you’ll be able to swoon over lots of amazing home accessories like these…

Homesense Ireland

But I didn’t tell you that they have have outdoor accessories too!

For so many different looks…

And al fresco dining…

This yellow table and chairs set is €199.99

This vintage-style set is €99.99…

Every garden needs a bench for contemplating on – this one is €89.99…

You can decorate with cushions from €9.99…

Add this yellow lantern for €14.99…

FYI Homesense opens in June

It opens in Blanchardstown, Dublin on Thursday June 8th and in The Capitol development on Grand Parade, Cork on Thursday June 15th.

Get a first look at their interiors accessories

Swoon over Homesense’s home interiors collection here.

4 Things To Sort Out Before Your Self-Build in Ireland

I’ve been doing a bit of research on self-builds lately and it’s no surprise that there’s a minefield of things that you need to get sorted before you even lay a brick. If you’re dreaming of a self-build in Ireland, here are 4 big items to get cracking on asap…

1. Fall in love with a site

If you’re lucky, you’ll have grown up on a farm with loads of land or your in-laws will have a random field that they’re willing to give you for free.

Otherwise you’ll have to find your own site. We’ve already ruled out this 5 acre site in Wexford because it’s too sloped, but we’re still considering this 8 acres of forest.

A few bits to consider when hunting for a site: views, privacy, slope, planned developments nearby, drainage, proximity to what’s important (e.g. schools, public transport, family etc.), local clauses (e.g. do you need to a be local to build in the area? Do need to thatch the roof?) Read More

Ireland’s getting a new interiors store and here’s what’s inside!

Attention TK Maxx fans! Ireland’s getting a new interiors store called Homesense and it will be similar to the interiors section of TK Maxx where you can get up to 60% off branded homewares. I CAN’T WAIT!

Stock from Homesense

The first Homesense will open in the Westend Shopping Park in Blanchardstown, Dublin on Thursday June 8th and the second store will open in The Capitol development on Grand Parade in Cork on Thursday June 15th.

Furniture and accessories from Homesense Ireland

Here’s a taste of what to expect…

Bedside table €69.99

Diamond pattern cushion €16.99

Navy chevron bowl €19.99

Wooden table lamp €54.99



Outdoor balcony console €179.99 

Outdoor table and chair set €99.99

Owl mug €6.99  

Round side table €99.99     

Turquoise side table €26.99

 Table lamp €39.99



Cream mirror €39.99

Gold-trimmed plate €6.99

Speckled espresso maker €9.99


Indoor-outdoor cushions €12.99 each

Kelly green sideboard €249.99

Stock from Ireland's new interiors store Homesense

Maroon velvet €269.99

Multi-coloured floral rug €179.99

Mustard bobble cushion €34.99 

Ocean blue tie dye lamp €54.99   

Ceramic drum €54.99


Turquoise suede chair €79.99

Trio dip dish €6.99

Follow Homesense on Facebook and Instagram.

The candle collection inspired by Irish fields

Alix Mulholland is the creator of  Field Apothecary, a fragerence candle range hand poured in Co. Down featuring scents you can find in an Irish field.

Alix first started making candles in her kitchen twelve years ago. She was inspired by the basic luxuries that are around us every day, like a cosy log fire, stonewalls covered in brambles, the smell of freshly cut grass and freshly laundered linen.

“Creating beautiful scents is truly a labour of love for me. I have really enjoyed exploring the natural yet beautiful scents such as ivy, hay and rain, found in almost every field in Ireland, and giving them new meaning in candle form.” – Alix

Alix finds her happy place when she’s in an open field in the countryside. To her, the Irish field is a magical place and that’s what inspired her Field Apothecary range, featuring the scents of rain, peat, ivy, flora, hay, and lichen.

Alix’s Field Apotehcary candles are made in Ireland from a soy wax blend, and each contains up to 11 essential oils. They’re presented in a smoky glass jar inside a beautiful embossed box, illustrated with a line drawing of the patchwork of fields surrounding the Field Day factory.

The Field Apothecary collection is available exclusively at  Arnotts from 11th April to the 30th June. Each candle is €35 each and has a 40 hour burn time.


With essential oils of lemon, orange, lavender, spearmint, camomile, basil, cedarwood and vetiver.

The field stretches ahead with freshly cut hay gathered together with stems of lavender and wild spearmint into glorious golden bales under the warmth of the summer sun. 


With essential oils of Baies rose and incense, rock rose and cedar, amber and musk, vetiver, patchouli and vanilla.

In the distance; a peat fire unfurling tendrils of smoke carries the distinctive warm aroma from the dying embers.


With essential oils of bay, clove, eucalyptus, ginger, Lavandin, orange, patchouli, rosemary and thyme.

First light outdoors and the air is sharp with the scent of roots and nettles, clover, wild thyme and lichen carried in the air.


With essential oils of bergamot oil, orange flower absolute and petitgrain oil.

The rich flora of pale delicate primroses and the abundance of spiky green gorse bushes ablaze with yellow coloured blossom.


With essential oils of Galbanum oil, blackcurrant absolute, Buchu leaf oil and rose absolute.

The ancient Ivy twists and turns around the trees and gates with jewel like black fruit nestling in the fresh dark leaves.


Contains essential oils of patchouli, geranium, lemon and vetiver.

Mist rising from a steep wet bank, and the evocative aroma when the rain fell on warm, dry earth.

Which one would you choose?

Let me know in the comments below!

Wood-effect wallpapers

The Scandi style, which carried over into 2017 from 2016, is still going strong. As a result, you’ll find Nordic elements in lots of the 2017 home accessories collections.

Covering a wall in one of these wood-effect wallpapers is great way to bring this trend into your home. They’re all priced at €31 per metre squared and are available from Murals Wallpaper.

Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments below!

Apple cart

Chopped beach logs


Coastal weathered wood


Contemporary clad


Driftwood detail


Finnish wood


Neutral wood

Silvered wood


So which one is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments below.

Look what’s in at Penneys!

I was already head over heels about Primark’s Spring Summer 2017 collection and then they added even more accessories to it. AND they sent me SAMPLES!! 😍😍

Here’s me opening the parcel!

I wasn’t expecting the parcel so you can imagine my excitement when I opened it. Those cushions!

Take a look at some of their new nice things.

WARNING: You will want the nice things.

Pink and peach soft throws €5 each

Candles from €2

Cushions from €6

Read More