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Study art. Live on a farm. Design interiors. #Lifegoals
Easy Ways to Introduce Colour into Your Home
The patterns of 2016 – from a Dublin interior design consultancy
I’ll take them all please – Lustful textures for spring
The subtle difference in how you’ll spend your money on interiors in 2016
Brushed gold bell garland by Helen James
My 5 favourite Christmas stockings for 2015
DIY tree branch feature for my kitchen
Decorating my Christmas table
7 Irish gift ideas for interiors lovers

Study art. Live on a farm. Design interiors. #Lifegoals

I was recently made aware of the wonderful world of Izzi Rainey. She’s a cool person with a cool name with a cool job. Who is she?

Izzi is an artist and a designer. After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art, she teamed up with her mate, Lara Mullis, to design and manufacture homeware and interior products. #livingthedream

coasters by izzy rainey

From her art studio on her family’s Norfolk farm, Izzi brings beautiful home accessories into the world, such as handmade cushions, coasters, oven gloves and napkins.

oven gloves by izzy rainey

When talking about what inspires her, Izzi uses words such as “the culmination of the unexpected colour found on the farm”, “the bold and textural shapes that have always surrounded me in the agricultural environment”, and “the changing seasons and farm activity”.

napkins by izzy rainey

She uses hand-based techniques to first create the prints on paper. The prints are then transformed to fabric using digital printing.

izzy rainey studio

It must be incredible to work in an environment so full of texture, colour and creativity.

izzy rainey cushions

After a snoop around her website, I’m in love with her brand and her story. Together with Lara, she’s building the company from scratch and sharing every step of the manufacturing journey on the company blog such as…

…time in the studio…


…sewing the fabrics…

…photographing the end product…

…and setting up an enticing stall at a local market…

Study art. Live on a farm. Design interiors. #Lifegoals

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Izzi Rainey at www.izzirainey.com.

Easy Ways to Introduce Colour into Your Home

- by Anna Gillespie

Giving your home a facelift can be no easy feat. It can be daunting to change your ordinarily neutral home into a vibrant space. When it comes to adding colour, you might ask:

‘What if I don’t like it?’
‘What if it looks dated?’
‘What if it goes out of fashion?’

And it’s no surprise we may feel like that…we all remember the vivid, brash bath suites of the 90’s, don’t we?! But have no fear, as there are a number of risk-free ways to revamp your home and introduce colour without having to reach for the magnolia again! Read More

The patterns of 2016 – from a Dublin interior design consultancy

the patterns of 2016

Kevin Kelly Interiors are one of Dublin’s longest standing interior design consultancies and just celebrated their 40th birthday (happy birthday, guys).

The family-run business, based in Donnybrook village, is a well-known favourite in the world of residential interior design.

Here’s a peek at just some of the striking patterns from their 2016 collection… Read More

I’ll take them all please – Lustful textures for spring

vases and pots from home lust

The appropriately-named, home interiors retailer, Home | Lust, is fast becoming one of my favourite brands.

Home | Lust’s spring collection has a mix of vases and pots for displaying your spring blooms. Textures range from stoneware, porcelain, concrete, glass and metallics.

My favourite shapes are the ones made with moulded porcelain and hammered metal, but they also have plenty to satisfy those chasing one of 2016′s biggest interiors trends: geometric shapes.

Lust over these…

Hammered brass vase – €10

hammered brass vase

Also available in silver. Available from Home | Lust

Gold geometric planter – €20

gold geometric planter

Made from lightweight zinc. Also available in black from Home | Lust.

White geometric vase – €15

white geometric vase from home lust

Made with glazed white ceramic. Available from Home | Lust.

Glass demijohns – €18 each

glass demijohns from home lust

Available from Home | Lust

Copper and black vases – €12-€15

copper and black vases

Made with copper and stoneware. Available from Home | Lust

White geometric porcelain vase – €10

geometric white porcelain vase

Black geometric vases (set of 2) – €20

black geometric vase

Available from Home | Lust

 Ceramic pot – €15

ceramic pot

Available from Home | Lust.

Concrete planter – €18

concrete planter

Available with a range of patterns from Home | Lust.

Copper planter – €30

copper planter

Available from Home | Lust

 Silver glass vases (set of 3) – €15

silver glass vases

Available from Home | Lust.

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Images copyright of Home | Lust. This is not a sponsored post - the manufacturer, supplier or retailer have no association with the opinions expressed in this post.

The subtle difference in how you’ll spend your money on interiors in 2016

Retailers and designers have sent me their spring collections and as I scroll through the fabrics, patterns, textures and colours that will dominate 2016 I’m reminded of something I heard at an interiors event a while back. The event, hosted by Tassimo, had this speaker called John-Henry Boyle who is the creative director at an Irish interior design company called ’21 Spaces’. Something he said stayed with me and I even tweeted it at the time:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 00.25.20

‘Throw-away disposable interiors are a thing of the past as we move toward an appreciation for quality and longevity’.

This statement that John made is reflected ever so subtly in the 2016 collections. There’s this slight shift in interiors marketing toward pushing the durability of items. It’s interesting that this is starting to creep up now, as Ireland starts to spend big money again. The January sales have so far been record-breaking for retailers across the board. Irish people have money again and they want to spend it, but because they were stung by the recession, this time they want to spend it wisely. This time round people are willing to spend a bit more to get a product that lasts.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 00.25.12

We’ll still always have a soft spot for cheap, disposable material indulgences, but as consumers we’re starting to regain a new appreciation for quality. Ireland is becoming a big spender again, but with a little more wisdom this time.

Roll on 2016! Happy new year.


Brushed gold bell garland by Helen James

Helen James gold bells 5

My latest interiors purchase is this bell garland by Helen James. It was a steal at €12. The garland has 6 brushed gold effect bells. The bells vary in shape and all of them have that muted, distant sound of a cow bell. Read More

DIY tree branch feature for my kitchen

It’s hard to make a rented house look exactly the way you want it. For the past few months I’ve been on a DIY binge trying to add character and personality to the place that I currently call home. My latest DIY project is this vase of illuminated branches.


Here’s how I pieced it together: Read More