8 things you need to know about the KitchenAid Mini
Cocktails and cakes at the launch of KitchenAid Mini
So I’m about to radically change my dwelling!
The striking ceramics of Danu
This delightful combination of yellow and grey
The art of Wraptious
Great British Bake Off wallpaper. Yup, I said wallpaper.
I’m weak for these cushions
A-Z of textured wallpaper
So yesterday this email landed in my inbox…

Cocktails and cakes at the launch of KitchenAid Mini


This week I was invited to the launch of KitchenAid’s new mini stand mixer.

Here’s how the night goes down…

The night kicks off with delicious cocktails and canapés in the swanky surrounds of The Design Yard in Dublin city. The Design Yard is a showroom for bespoke kitchens, some of which come with a price tag of €300,000!.

KitchenAid have flown in Sean, one of their top demonstrators, from the UK to show us what this mini but mighty little machine can do. Sean is some kind of stand mixer guru, he has everyone in the room hanging on his every word. He knows every inch of this little appliance, and passionately imparts his knowledge of its motor, wattage, bowl capacity, attachments, speed settings and other things on to a very captive audience. If you’d never baked in your life, you’d walk out of this demonstration wanting to bake immediately. Read More

So I’m about to radically change my dwelling!


Confined by my landlord’s boring decor restrictions (MUST ONLY PAINT IN MAGNOLIA), I’ve longed for a home that is truly my own. With rent prices rising dramatically, it’s impossible to save for a mortgage deposit. So a family member said to fiancé and I that we should put a mobile home in their garden and save for a house deposit.

At first I was like no. Hell no.

Let’s be honest, the term ‘mobile home’ conjures up certain images…

1. Did you bring the travel scrabble Doughal?

2. Irish coastal holiday parks

3. Trailer trash

BUT, then I started to really actually think about it. Read More

The striking ceramics of Danu


I recently discovered, and may now have a slight obsession for, Danu Ceramics.

Danu’s founder Ruth Power, who I discovered through her Instagram, says she’s inspired by ‘travels, nature, wanderlust, antiquated trade routes and our home country of Ireland. I’ll sing from that hymn sheet please.
Read More

The art of Wraptious


Last week I finally joined the masses and got aboard Instagram. When a home accessories store liked one of my photos, their incredibly unique and artistic creations caught my attention. Read More