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The subtle difference in how you’ll spend your money on interiors in 2016

Retailers and designers have sent me their spring collections and as I scroll through the fabrics, patterns, textures and colours that will dominate 2016 I’m reminded of something I heard at an interiors event a while back. The event, hosted by Tassimo, had this speaker called John-Henry Boyle who is the creative director at an Irish interior design company called ’21 Spaces’. Something he said stayed with me and I even tweeted it at the time:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 00.25.20

‘Throw-away disposable interiors are a thing of the past as we move toward an appreciation for quality and longevity’.

This statement that John made is reflected ever so subtly in the 2016 collections. There’s this slight shift in interiors marketing toward pushing the durability of items. It’s interesting that this is starting to creep up now, as Ireland starts to spend big money again. The January sales have so far been record-breaking for retailers across the board. Irish people have money again and they want to spend it, but because they were stung by the recession, this time they want to spend it wisely. This time round people are willing to spend a bit more to get a product that lasts.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 00.25.12

We’ll still always have a soft spot for cheap, disposable material indulgences, but as consumers we’re starting to regain a new appreciation for quality. Ireland is becoming a big spender again, but with a little more wisdom this time.

Roll on 2016! Happy new year.


Brushed gold bell garland by Helen James

Helen James gold bells 5

My latest interiors purchase is this bell garland by Helen James. It was a steal at €12. The garland has 6 brushed gold effect bells. The bells vary in shape and all of them have that muted, distant sound of a cow bell. Read More

DIY tree branch feature for my kitchen

It’s hard to make a rented house look exactly the way you want it. For the past few months I’ve been on a DIY binge trying to add character and personality to the place that I currently call home. My latest DIY project is this vase of illuminated branches.


Here’s how I pieced it together: Read More