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Have we found our site on 8 acres of forest?
How to make mason jar candle holders
The 5 Acres in North Wexford
Getting over-excited about bits of string
All about the ranch look, with a rustic feel
4 WTF things I saw for sale in IKEA
The 200 Year Old Stone House in Wexford
10 Questions to Ask a Landlord When Viewing a Property to Rent
Seduced by Zara Home
The Colours of Avoca

Have we found our site on 8 acres of forest?

trees in a forest

In contrast to the wide-open, cow-inhabited, sloped fields we scoped out last week, this week, in our search for a site to build the dream house, we viewed 8 acres of flat, densely overgrown forest.

The site wasn’t easy to access but after clambering through a stream, a high ditch, a thick hedgerow and a barbed wire fence, we found ourselves in among the trees. Read More

How to make mason jar candle holders

Inspired by the mason jar crafts craze on beloved Pinterest, I decided to start making mason jar candle holders. The DIY craftsy nut in me gets very excited about photographs like this:

Mason jar crafts inspiration from Pinterest

Images above found on Pinterest

A bit of burlap and a spool of string

I went to Inspiring Ideas and Hickeys to pick up some burlap, string, ribbon Read More

The 5 Acres in North Wexford

Plot shape

After a fruitless few months of scanning property websites for the dream house in the countryside, we’ve started flirting with the idea of building it ourselves.

Today we went to view our first site for sale. The site is 5 acres and it’s located Read More

Getting over-excited about bits of string


Lately, I’ve been planning to hand-make some rustic candle holders and vases out of jam jars, so today I picked up the bits and pieces needed. I’m so excited about these materials that I had to share photos of them (*facepalms at self*).

Photos of the actual crafts will follow but for now it’s just really exciting bits of string.















All about the ranch look, with a rustic feel

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 16.00.23

After seeing Harvey Norman’s Autumn/Winter collection described as being “all about the ranch look, with a rustic feel, plenty of checks and even a few skulls”, I’ve been terribly excited to have a gawk.

In an interview posted on the Harvey Norman blog, Rachel Mc Cann, Harvey Norman’s chief designer, describes the tone and feel of the new collection.

“The looks we’re after are…really soft and cosy and comfy.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 16.02.46

According to Rachel one of the Autumn/Winter trends to watch out for is “a huge amount of check – it’s a particularly vintage style check, it’s not too bright – with nice muted tones.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 16.00.35

We can also expect lots of colour: “We’re seeing a lot of classic colours coming back like your racing car greens, mustard and burgundys.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 16.00.52

See the interview here.

The new catalogue is out today so I can’t wait to pick it up.

By Jenna Crotty.

Images copyright of Harvey Norman.

4 WTF things I saw for sale in IKEA

I was browsing through that giant blue warehouse off the Ballymun exit of the M50 yesterday with my aunt and came across a few items that just made me ask ‘Why?’.

Here are 4 WTF things I saw for sale in IKEA.

1. These fish cushions


Because no home is complete without a fish cushion. Read More

The 200 Year Old Stone House in Wexford

Stone house in Wexford

A Facebook chat message pops up on my phone from Peter with a link to a ‘property for sale’ advert in it. Buying a house starts with a link to a property advert, so I’m aware that clicking on this could result in mortgage applications, engineers reports, solicitors and very serious dotted lines.

I click on the link and see this…

stone-house-wexford (6)Stone house in Wexford Read More

10 Questions to Ask a Landlord When Viewing a Property to Rent

Our moving day fast approaches – boxes of our possessions line the hall, our landlord is in the living room quizzing prospective tenants about their lives and strangers are walking around my home.

It’s a strange feeling when people you don’t know are walking around your home looking in every room, but that’s part and parcel of living in rented accommodation. The landlord asked us would he like us to show the apartment while we were at work so that we wouldn’t be inconvenienced. We told him we’d rather be there because we want to keep an eye on the people who’d be poking around.

Out of the eight different groups that view the property, only one or two of them asks any questions. I’m surprised by this because when I view a property I ask the landlord more questions than the landlord asks me! Is this because people are too shy to ask? Or is it because they don’t know what to ask?

Here are 10 questions every property viewer should ask their prospective landlord: Read More

Seduced by Zara Home

Colourful cushions and bed throws in Zara Home

Zara Home first caught my attention a few years ago when I was in a Spanish shopping mall. Seduced by the most luring window display I’ve ever seen in a home ware store, I went in to have a look and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Home ware display at Zara Home

Zara Home hasn’t made it to Ireland yet so any time I visit my parents in Spain I don’t miss the opportunity to pop in (or, rather, spend hours looking at every single thing). I returned from a trip last week with a king size duvet set, a cushion and bed throw – it’s ridiculous how excited I got about these items.

Bed display at Zara Home

I love this shop because there is so much to browse – and I want everything.


This time ’round they had Read More

The Colours of Avoca

Blankets from Avoca Handweavers

I’ve heard mixed opinions about the Avoca brand so I thought I’d go and investigate it myself. I wandered in to their Suffolk street store and took a look around.

I had to really root around to find something decent and a lot of the items command a price I don’t think they deserve, but I did like this biscuit tin…

Bird biscuit tin from Avoca

Bird biscuit tin – €21.95

…and the aged look of this wooden Read More